• Rapid product development (Prototyping/3D Printing). Reverse engineering of products and acquisition services to identify, locate and/or develop the same, equivalent or better.

    Rapid Product Development
  • High precision cutting solutions that work for your business. We can fabricate a part that has all the characteristics of a custom molded part minus the tooling.

    Precision Cutting Made Simple
  • SealingLife provides a comprehensive range of sealing products. We offer a number of products in various materials to solve the demanding application needs of our customers.

    Comprehensive Sealing Products
  • Epoxy, polyamides or polyethylene terephthalates and polyethylene naphthalates are useful polymers for the base board of PCBs.

    Printed Circuit Boards
  • We innovate, design, process and manufacture high performance polymer materials, parts and systems for emerging and legacy applications.

    We Impact LIFE Through Innovation
  • We offer solutions for a number of industries, including Automotive (Electric Vehicle), Aerospace, Medical and 5G Communication.

    Industry Specific Applications
  • Developments that impact and positively improve the safety and quality of life of our global customers

    High Performance Material Development
  • Extrusion processes (reactive extrusion synthesis, reactive extrusion polymer blending)

    Process Development
  • Biomedical polymers are a special class of materials that are designed to work in harmony with the body.

    Biomedical Polymers
  • We combine the use of novel materials and processes in the areas of thermoplastics, elastomers, alloys and composites, thermoset and small molecules to create products that function well in extreme conditions.

    Environmental Sustainability

Our Services

SealingLIfe is committed to providing services with exceptional quality in the areas of Compounding, Custom Synthesis, Innovation and New Product Development, Processing and Characterization.

Material Features

High Performance Specialty Polymers

High Mechanical Properties


Light Weight


Chemical, Radiation and Moisture Resistance



Electrical Performance


SealingLife provides products and services for the aerospace, energy, automotive, high-speed communications, medical and industrial sectors.

Featured Products

Products designed to meet customer required specifications.

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Our Team

Our team is committed to providing products and services for the aerospace, energy, automotive, high-speed communication and industrial sectors with exceptional quality and on-time delivery. Our team consist of a distinguished group of experts that have past performance in developing and taking to market specialized polymer/elastomeric and glass/ceramic materials and parts, supporting processes, technology and/or equipment that many said, “It couldn’t be done.”

Our Clients